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March 20, 2009
Spring has finally arrived!  And in the spirit of the season some of us like to clean house...literally!  We have some great products that can help you get organized and your house smelling fresh!

A clean house is a house that is healthy to live in. There are many necessary things that need to be done at different intervals of time to keep a nice clean house. Some chores obviously need to be done on a daily basis, others weekly, others need only be done once a month and there are several chores that need to be done only seasonally. Spring cleaning is necessary because the winter things (clothes, blankets etc) need to be put in a special place. In addition, other things need to be done, but only two or three times a year. These chores are easily remembered if there is a spring cleaning checklist to aid in the organized completion of the tasks.

Spring Cleaning Tips
Before you begin the spring cleaning process it is best to keep several things in mind. Here are a few spring cleaning tips to help you in your spring cleaning.
1. Be organized- Write all the things that you think need to be done. The best way is to do this room by room, not forgetting the outside of the house (back/front porch, grill, patio furniture etc.)
2. Take your time! Don’t even try to do this in one day. Give it a week or even two, or if need be, do things bit by bit on the weekends.
3. Avoid distractions - Get the kids together doing something else, or helping out in some way. Turn off the TV and maybe put on some music instead.
4. Make it a party! Get help from friends and neighbors, clean while having a pizza party or "cleaning party" maybe offer to do other’s houses when you are finished with your own.
5. Give away things that are in good condition if at all possible.
6. Open up! Open up windows and doors and let the freshness of spring in. Sunshine is known to have antibacterial properties; the warmth of sunshine and the fresh warm air help to clean away bacteria and fungi that cause diseases. This is especially good for people with chronic respiratory diseases (i.e. Asthma).
7. Clean out the clutter- Dig deep into drawers and closets and clean them out in order to make room for the new.
8. Have a great time! Turn on the music, bring in the friends and have a good time! Cleaning out the old grump and dank darkness of the winter blues!
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