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Yes, the rumor is true WEEKENDS is opening a second store in downtown Port Huron on Water Street.  You can read more about this breaking news in The Times Herald in an article by Jennifer Webb.  But let's separate the facts from any fictions out there...WEEKENDS is not going to close the store in Lexington, however it will be closing for the season on Sunday, January 4th. 

The new store will be opening it's doors in just a few short weeks, the target dates are January 22-25 during downtown Port Huron's Chilly Fest!  For all the information on that event click here for the schedule!

This blog will continue to be updated with an insider's view to the progress and new developments this store opening will bring!  We look forward to your visit to WEEKENDS in the city!

2008-12-31 20:39:37 GMT
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What absolutely fabulous news!! So happy for you!! I have visited your store more times than I can count, as well as purchased more than I can count! Wonderful news that the Lexington store will stay! Can't wait to see what you have planned for your Grand Opening. Your store will be an added touch of class to Water Street! Only question I have: does this mean I will need to visit both stores to see each of you???? Congratulations Jen and Lee!
--Julie Danis
2009-01-05 00:34:35 GMT
When do you re-open the Lexington store?? We LOVE your store and came by a few weeks ago after staying in Caseville for a winter getaway--VERY pretty in thumb in winter!!! We are planning another trip and wondering when you reopen....
--Liz &amp; Dave Dellinger
2009-02-10 17:52:25 GMT
Lee and Jennifer, so happy to hear about the new store in Port Huron. I'm anxious to get back to Lexington and am looking forward to checking out both stores.
--Julie Royce
2009-05-12 00:32:53 GMT
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