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August 28, 2008
Can't believe that it's really here...summer's end is upon us.  While the summer Friday night concerts are over there is one last hurrah this weekend with the Bluewater Folk Society's 7th Annual Thumbfest!  Don't miss this fantastic line-up of artists!  For a complete schedule check out this website!

This Tuesday we had a terrific turnout and successful promotion for the Happy Green Bee baby clothing photo shoot.  While we don't have all the photos yet, we will be changing our website and ad materials with local babies that turned out and hammed it up for the camera!  So cute and fun times, read this letter that the daughter of Burt's Bee's founder had to say about her time at WEEKENDS:

Hi All-

       Yesterday Josh and I were at Weekends in Lexington Michigan. Lexington is a very cute little town on a really GREAT lake (get it?) and Weekends was on the Main St. in town. The store was a gift store that has gardening gifts, cookware, books, some clothing, baby gifts, and jewelry. The owners were so sweet to us and I had met them at a trade show several years back with Burt's Bees. They have been carrying Burt's since the early nineties and shared an equal excitement about Happygreenbee. They made coffee and cookies and had milk and animal crackers for the kids and cleared a space for us to set up. They were involved the whole time helping pick out clothes for the people who they knew well and trying to make the kids smile. The owners were definitely close with their customers and people seemed to really like them a lot. They also had a woman working with them who had done some ads including HGB clothes which looked great. They are working on their website and getting a good amount of on line sales including many for HGB from all over the country. It was great to be at such a hospitable store with such friendly customers!

       We started the day with 17 people singed up and we had a walk in with two children so we ended up photographing a total of 19 children. The children seemed especially cute and happy so the hours just flew by. One little girl completely freaked out on the white seamless so we photographed her outside in the garden. There was also one girl who had just gotten off a flight from Hawaii who was exhausted and didn't want to change so we just took pictures of her in her own clothes. Two of the little girls came in the HGB outfits that they already had. It seemed as though a lot of people were purchasing clothes and doing some special orders for the new clothing. We made sure to photograph kids in a lot of the new items and we have a lot of photos of the Amber doll now too.

       Another great tour!

               Take Care,


Remember that even though summer is coming to a close, Lexington doesn't go to sleep as some might think the fun goes on and on!!!  Starting this weekend with Thumbfest and Bach Festival...come and enjoy!

Also we are always looking for any great ideas for fall promotions.  Let us know online or instore, we're open to your suggestions.  Hope to hear from you and see you soon!

2008-08-28 17:39:38 GMT
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Thank you, Weekends! Maddie Grace (8 months )had so much fun that day!
-Mindy Spada
2008-08-29 23:55:47 GMT
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