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April 18, 2008
Celebrate Earth Day this Tuesday, April 22 with vowing to make a change in your habits or sharing ideas here at this Google link. Locally in Michigan, check out this website for ideas on places to get information about waste and recycling.

We have more products arriving that are also created for a green world. Our new pottery line PURE is made with earth clay that is fired with a clear natural glaze, free of coloring agents. This process reduces the environmental impact by up to 50%. Slight imperfections add to the beauty. It's simply natural. We will be receiving this line anyday now and posting it on the website. So keep checking!

Besides the Umbra trash cans that are Eco-Friendly, this company also has several different 4" x 6" and 5" x 7" photo frames that are made with plantation wood to ensure renewability in forests. Umbra also introduced a bulletin board made from stacked reprocessed paper with a recyclable paper board frame.

A Guide to Green Housekeeping is full of helpful advice to help you take a more sustainable path and save the planet for the future generations. For example, discover how lemons, baking powder, vinegar, and water can replace the need for nasty chemical cleaning products.

Burt's Bees products are still the most natural, earth-friendly personal care products on the market. We have been carrying the complete line since 1992 and we still have the largest selection around!  Start protecting yourself and the environment with these natural skin care items just in time for the sunshine!

In this month's Women's Health magazine there are several articles that are chuck full of environmentally charged ideas. One such article gives advice on supporting local farmers and choosing food that's grown, raised, or caught within a few hundred miles of where you live lowers CO2 produced by transporting it. We carry several locally produced gourmet foods including American Spoon Foods, Great Lake Coffee's, Schuil Coffee, and Legend's BBQ sauces.

If you have any more questions or comments about these EARTH friendly products please post them here!

2008-04-17 19:28:36 GMT
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