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March 6, 2008

Springtime is almost here and we can hardly wait! To many of us it means longer days and the green blades of grass peeping through the snow banks! Some of us are lucky enough to escape the harsh Michigan winter and we hope that they return to visit us this spring/summer as we have many exciting products to share with you!

First group of products to arrive at Weekends is an old favorite but with many new variations for your hands, face, and even an exclusive line for men! We think you are going to love these natural skin-care products from Burt’s Bees.

Another great collection arrived this week with an exciting blend of new and returning old favorites! The Thymes announces the new line of Red Cherie, which combines the luscious scents of sparkling pomegranate, ripe cherries, passion flower, a twist of lychee with a tease of fruity musk! It is truly a trend in the making and we are excited to be the first in the area to bring it to you. Weekends also brought back a favorite hand moisturizer line for all of you who crave a certain TLC for those hard-working, yet ever-important dry hands!

We also have some new additions for the cooks and grillers out there! There are also a few new great ideas for anyone gearing up for the return of birds and gardening this season. Hopefully we’ve peaked your interest and look forward to hearing back from any of you with thoughts on the new additions, until next week, stay warm and happy with thoughts of spring! (And don’t forget to set those clocks forward this weekend!)

2008-03-07 04:22:58 GMT
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