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February 27, 2008

SNEAK PEEK: Pulp Bulletin Board from Umbra

This eco-friendly designed bulletin board is first of many new "green" products that we will be bringing to WEEKENDS. Umbra has taken a twist on the traditional bulletin board. With the ability to hold notes with or without pins, the Pulp bulletin board is made from stacked reprocessed paper with a recyclable paperboard frame. Several other products from Umbra will be unveiled here in sneak peak as well, stay tuned!

We already carry some great earth-friendly products that you may not know about. Bambu serving pieces are certified organic. Their bamboo is sustainably grown and harvested. Bambu is a proud member of 1% For The Planet and Co-op America. We've been carrying earth-friendly Burt's Bees since we opened the doors at our store.

Burt's is a leading natural personal care company, we think those folks were on to something and believe our bodies recognize and metabolize natural ingredients more readily and healthfully than artificial ones.

Happy Green Bee is another fantastic line we carry that promotes Fair Trade and sells comfortable organic cotton clothing for babies and small children. By making informed purchase decisions, that is, by choosing to buy products that are manufactured in safe, clean environments, you can help raise the standard of living for everyone.

Finally, Caldrea is our aroma therapeutic cleaning product line that provides a pleasant change of pace from the strong chemicals and fragrances of many soaps, polishes and detergents, as well as a safe, effective alternative for people who are concerned with the environmental effects of conventional cleaning products.

2008-02-27 21:04:39 GMT
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