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February 14, 2008
sneak peek: upstairs WEEKENDS

We thought it would be fun to share not often seen places. What better place to start than above Weekends. The fireplace pictured was added in 1991 as part of the creation of a second floor loft and home. This fireplace dominates the living space and remains a focal point of the loft. A prominent feature of the fireplace is the tile which is a numbered, limited edition reproduction of a much larger design created by Pewabic for the DIA. It brings a little Detroit history to Lexington.

We have a lot of places to share with you in "sneak peek," new products are starting to arrive as well which also may be featured in this blog. If you have places you'd like to share, let us hear from you.

cures for cabin fever: We've got some!

For starters, snuggle up infront of a fireplace with a good book (or someone who's read one.) But if you don't have a fireplace we suggest honing your domestic skills, but doing it with flair. Cleaning not so much of a chore when you have the right stuff! Take the time (while you have it, so you don't miss out on the summer fun) to get organized with one of these handy tubs. Cooking can be fun and comforting on these chilly winter nights. And decorating can cure those winter blues by giving things indoors a new fresh look.

Tired of hibernation, here are some our favorite Weekends suggestions for this time of year! Have you seen the movie Juno yet? We have, don't miss it! Live in the Blue Water Area, check out Jennifer Webb's blog for the latest ideas on fun things to do! Have you checked out the newly redesigned Detroit Institute of Arts? There are many cultural events to stir the senses and Friday night live is now a weekly feature there, tons of interesting fun to be had. If you have ideas for curing the winter blues, please use this forum to share your thoughts!

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